Welcome to the new home of Civil War in Northeastern North Carolina. The new site has triple the storage space of the old NING site: 3 gigs instead of one. The move was necessitated by Ning discontinuing their Ning Mini option, which cost $19.95 for six months. I could afford that. Their lowest level now costs $59 per month, well out of my price range! This WordPress site better fits my budget: it’s FREE.

Here’s the announcement received early in September: “Retiring the Ning Mini plan.  We discontinued new Mini subscriptions in October 2012.  After keeping your Mini subscription and rates the same for nearly 4 years, we are now discontinuing all existing Ning Mini subscriptions.  Mini Network Creators will have the choice of upgrading to the Ning Plus or Ning Pro plans or canceling their network. Mini networks we don’t receive a response from prior to October 1st will be canceled and locked at the end of their current bill cycle.”

I started backing off adding content to the site when the Ning Mini option was dropped in 2012, waiting for the other shoe to fall. I’m surprised it took so long. It was a good six year run.